Resumption of All the Medical Services at Lilavati Hospital

COVID-19 is changing everything about life and work as we know it. We at Lilavati Hospital are focussed on how to save and treat our patients in the face of this unfolding crisis with quality medical care

We were the first in the city to have separate screening, Triage and separate corridor for COVID and Non COVID patients.

Safety Measures


Details of travel and COVID related history, pulse, oxygen saturation level and temperature are noted for all the patients/relatives/visitors entering the hospital. Visitors with fever are sent to our fever clinic and advised not to enter the hospital and patients (for admission) with symptoms (suspected cases) are moved to the Triage area. All others are asked to fill up self-declaration from before entering the hospital premises

Separate Corridors

A dedicated pathways for confirmed COVID ,COVID suspects and NON COVID cases have been delineated and the hospital is divided in 3 zones:

  • Green Zone is a NON COVID area wherein the patients/relatives can enter the hospital from lobby entrance or emergency department
  • Orange Zone where the suspected cases (those with no swab reports) are accommodated
  • Red Zone for confirmed COVID patients. We have an entirely separate entrance from the basement Triage area and a dedicated lift (which stops only on COVID floor) for these patients

Staff Screening/Segregation

  • The staffs working in COVID and NON COVID areas are different. The staffs in direct contact with patients / visitors are given PPE kits, masks and OT gowns.
  • Swabs for RT PCR are collected every day and all healthcare workers returning for duty are screened separately for fitness to resume duties

Admission Protocol

All elective procedures /admission for non-suspected COVID patients planning to get admitted for other treatments are advised to provide HRCT Chest and COVID negative reports before admission

For all emergencies we do a Antigen Swab test which gives result in 30mins along with HRCT

Surgical Cases Safety

Safe methods for intubation are established

Following these stringent safety protocols, hospital has resumed all its operations in full force and has opened OT, Cathlab, OPD, Diagnostic services for Non COVID cases also. High end surgeries pertaining to Cardiac, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Orthopaedics and Nephrology are routinely performed for NON COVID cases

Lilavati Hospital is committed to you and your loved ones, even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic while ensuring safety of all the patients and care givers. We adhere to stringent protocols to prevent contamination and to make our regular healthcare services available to all.

We support & stand by you in pandemic while continuing to provide “More than Healthcare, Human Care”s