His Holiness Dalai Lama

I would like to thank the Lilavati Hospital for the excellent service provided during the medical check up I have had. I want to thank all concerned. I pray that this Hospital will continue to provide medical benefit to the poor.

Shri Amitabh Bachchan

This is to put on record my sincere appreciation for the very efficient care rendered to me by your staff and doctors during my recent illness at the Lilavati Hospital.

You have a very dedicated and qualified team of nurses and doctors working in great unison. This has enabled exceptional care for patients and given them a huge level of comfort.

I would like to compliment the management and the organization at Lilavati for creating a wonderful atmosphere of medical proficiency and hope that you will continue to do the good work that you have set yourselves for the betterment of humanity.

Please convey my very personal thanks to the concerned people, specially in the operation theatre, the ICU and the staff managing the floor I was on. I would also like you to convey my sincere regards to the security that must have gone through a trying time during this period.

Warm regards once again and thank you for all the help and care.

Sachin Tendulkar
Karishma Kapoor
Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil

Clean, pleasant atmosphere, patient friendly staff… I celebrated Diwali Festival here. I feel like home

The best hospital in Mumbai !!!

Late Shri Balasaheb Thackeray
Shri Uddhav Thackeray
Dr. Patangrao Kadam
Lara Dutta Bhupathi
Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh)
CMD, Union Bank of India

Lilavati Hospital is a temple of health care in the finest traditions of world class standards. In a short while it will be the centre of medi-care in India and abroad. My compliments to the Family Trust for this most noble endeavor.

Dr John D Clough (MD, Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Ohio USA)

This has the making of a great institution for delivery of health care, with research and education. You have the ideal model and dedicated people who will bring it to fruition. I believe that your organization will be an inspiration to medicine throughout India and will be an important role model for other nascent organizations.

Shri Shivraj V. Patil (Home Minister of India)

I came here as a patient I was looked after as a guest. Every tests done here was very scientific and correct. There was courtesy shown to me and those who came with me. The doctors, nurses and other deserve my thanks. The Vice President was very kind and attentive. I and all my family members thank him and all other colleagues of his.

Shri Kumar Mangalam Birla

It was a pleasure and an educative experience for us to visit the Lilavati Hospital. I am sure, Lilavati Hospital can benchmark internationally with the best Hospitals in the world, which is something that as an Indian, one feels proud of.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the doctors and staff is palpable – that, I believe, will really make the difference. Congratulations to Vijaybhai for a commendable achievement.

Shri S.P.Birla

We were very impressed with Management of the Lilavati Hospital. They have here the latest equipment and the Nursing Service is excellent. After going around the Hospital we could not make any suggestion for carrying improvement in the services or otherwise. With best wishes for success and getting better and better all the time.

Mr. Y. Honda (Fuji Photo Optical President)

Today I was so much impressed with very modernized equipments, facilities. However, highlight is attitude of the Doctors, Staff and Nurses which is so much deep impression of real dedication.

Mr. Peter Somani (Director of Health, State of Ohio)

Mr. Peter Somani (Director of Health, State of Ohio) It has been a very pleasant surprise to find out that you have put your heart and soul to provide such a fine hospital in memory of your mother. We had no idea that your vision has turned up an outstanding hospital – a world class institution. The hospital will provide necessary care to the people of Bombay and India – a truly humanitarian task. On behalf of the Governor of Ohio and all Ohioans, I wish to extend my best wishes to you and your staff. Please let us know if we can help you in any way to make your vision a success.

Excellent panel of Doctors & well maintained infra for super specialities. Care in SICU by staff was excellent!

Madhu Jain - July 2019

Excellent doctors & treatment given by them to each patient. They make us feel like home member & give confidence to fight against any critical stage.

Vishwanath Nandoskar - July 2019

Excellent and dedicated service & patient attention! Very caring and prompt staff!

Rajashri Dey - July 2019

I like the infrastructure of building and staff. They are very familiar with us and very cooperative

Prashant Ghadge - July 2019

Hospitality & staff behaviour is outstanding. All are very disciplined & punctual. I feel like homely environment. Keep it up!

Brijesh Mishra - July 2019

The staff were very co-operative and helpful. The best treatment given from them. Thank you very much for support!

Hamid Elsayed - July 2019

I liked the customer care services provided; you have good & experienced staff!

Sarfraz Sheikh - July 2019

Very professional, all good doctors, good facilities. All tests were done in same place & same day including consultations.

Dheeraj Khurana - July 2019

Excellent coordination! facilities are handled by well experienced & qualified personnels.

Anil Shinde - July 2019

Staff behaviour was very nice, all ready to hello and attend queries

Jaywanti Gala - July 2019

The hospital is very good in all services and discipline!

Prasad Pingle - July 2019

In Lilavati Hospital OPD area & Toilets are clean. Staff and doctors are Friendly and caring!

Shubham Shekhar - July 2019

Care & attention given by doctors & nurses are excellent. In this hospital we are satisfied with best services.

Manuja Gawas - July 2019

Doctors and staff, both are very efficient, friendly and extremely helpful!

Victoria Morsey - July 2019

The cleanliness and discipline about the hospital I liked the most, clear diagnosis!

Asha Patil - July 2019

Most prompt service and polite behaviour, especially from Pathology. Very expert doctors!

S D Upadhyay - July 2019

We liked the doctor and the nursing care, they helped us to cure and fast recovery.

Parth Phansekar - July 2019

I liked the courtesy, cleanliness , treatment & advice given by Doctor

Kishore Afzulpurkar- July 2019

All treated us very nicely with clarity and we feel like home and got good & right advice!

Alpesh Gosalia - June 2019

I liked the Infrastructure, nurses & other support staff and their friendliness, cleanliness and quality of doctors!

Debasmita Ghosh - June 2019

Everything is excellent regarding the help, treatment, counselling fulfilment of patient.

Rahul Kamble - June 2019

Excellent & friendly staff, cleanliness & ambience is good! Keep up the good work!

Deepak Jadhav - June 2019

Hospital service was excellent, staff is co-operative with patients!

Sandeep S - June 2019

I like the friendly staff & the treatment given by the doctors & hospital

Salonee Biswas - June 2019

Very co-operative staff to get everything done smoothly from all departments.. Keep it up!

Lalita Hodkar - June 2019

I would like to appreciate the prompt response from the complaints team at Lilavati. The response time is absolutely fantastic

Nitin George - June 2019

Dr. Naimish Mehta from Lilavati Hospital is the best liver transplant surgeon I ever met. As a human being; he is extremely down to earth and soft spoken. He had put in great efforts to convince me and my daughter Ms.Saniya Zehra (my donor) and made us comfortable throughout this life saving surgery. Dr. Mehta for me is the god sent angel and so is the entire team of Lilavati Hospital. Excellent and wonderful staff ;highly knowledgeable and very friendly. The nurses and support staff showed utmost empathy. The pre & post-operative care provided to both of us was beyond our expectations. Also I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire management team of Lilavati Hospital for helping us throughout the administrative process.

Mr.Sarfaraz Shaikh - June 2019

The most important Doctors. They really explained well & special mentioned about the Nursing staff, they care for patient literally speechless!

Chandrakant Koli - May 2019

Best Doctors and feels safe about the procedure. Spacious Rooms, Good service by Nurses!

Amit Kataira - May 2019

I feel comfortable since the staff & doctors are very warm, care taking and helpful!

Kirti Sahani - May 2019

I liked the behaviour of OPD staff and cleanliness of hospital premises.

Bhakti Mule - May 2019

I liked the experienced doctors. The clarity & information shared by doctors about treatment is good and satisfying!

Divya Honey - May 2019

Staff are courteous & helpful. I like the cleanliness and friendly environment. Overall very good service!

Edna Pires - May 2019

I liked the Discipline, Co-ordination, maintenance of every department! Well mannered & disciplined staff!

Swarna Rankhamb - May 2019

All staff are good in their work! Thank you! I would like to come here in future, as I like the procedure of Medical check Up.

Gourav Das - May 2019

Very discipline & co-operative staff, all are very good!

Jalpa Mehta - May 2019

It offers for more personalised care and treatment to patients and doctors help to minimize pain and fast recovery!

Aaditya Tidke - April 2019

Lilavati Hospital is very reputed and excellent Hospital .The doctors who treated me are the best. The ambience, cleanliness and professionalism everything is excellent!

Zarna Trilokekar - April 2019

I liked the professional & homely atmosphere; the excellent cafeteria for the attendant/relatives & the friendly nature of the entire staff!

Arunkumar Krishnan - April 2019

Excellent Hospital, everything is nicely done here. All the staff members are very kind & cordial. Thank you all!

Ravinder Kumar - April 2019

Very good doctors, very good Nursing staff. Everybody working very professionally

Hemant Achrekar - April 2019

The treatment given by the doctor and the care given by the nursing staff is well and good I am happy!

Hemraj Asiwal - April 2019

Excellent services provided during stay in the hospital. This is 6th time for us in the hospital for treatment!

Bansari Shukla - April 2019

Lilavati's staff are very good - security, sisters, nurses, canteen staff & housekeeping, orderly. Thank you for being so supportive and understanding.

Riddhi Kachelia - April 2019

It is very nice, keep it up and always maintain the best of healthy environment I hope LHRC continues doing the excellent things.

K.Rathinavel - April 2019

Customer Care Supervisors on reception are very much cooperative & polite. All over experience was very good. Thank you!!

Ravindra More - April 2019

Superb management, very good attendant, wonderful Hospital, given special care …outstanding services! Many thanks!!!

At. Nitin Bagadia - March 2019

I liked the medical care & doctors. Nursing staff & professionalism of entire hospital staff is on the best!

Pooja Badlani - March 2019

Excellent medical treatment & kind services by all Group Teams!

Avtar Chohan - March 2019

Nursing staff, doctors and all other staff are very friendly sincere in their efforts and service!

Mahesh Mirgal - March 2019

Everything is superb! All facilities are good!

Dinesh Patil - March 2019

The most hygienic & good management. Doctors are excellent and given best treatment! Excellent management!

Fahas Baig - March 2019

All Doctors Team Excellent! Nursing Excellent! Housekeeping excellent!

Laxmibai Suradkar - March 2019

Excellent facilities and approach & staff of Lilavati Hospital! Overall excellent services!

Srinivas Patkar - March 2019

Its reputation, the excellent behaviour of paramedics, location also matters, overall is excellent

Ajay Kapshe - March 2019

Lilavati is one of the best hospitals I know. It has excellent doctors, facilities & services!

Mehalk Gorwani - March 2019

The immense expertise & the effort of providing the best solution staying true to 'Human Care!"

Joyce Mukherjee - March 2019

Well organized and structured...efficient and courteous staff.. clean ambience!

Renee - March 2019

The entire staff, doctors & Nurses takes good care of the patients. Proper medication is provided by doctors. Everything is provided here in a very systematic manner.

Sanket Sawant - March 2019

Efficiently handled all the tests with effective time management. Breakfast served was good. Overall had a nice experience!

Vishal Kumar Oraon - January 2019

Well organised. The order of tests done was the best. Also the conduct and behaviour of the staff was excellent! Overall excellent!

Sanjay Mitra - January 2019

Excellent ambience, caring staff and attentive doctors…very good response!

Lata - January 2019

Good facility under one roof. Doctor and staff are co-operative and helpful!

Anvaya - January 2019

Good treatment and…better diagnosis about health problem!

Tawte - january 2019

I liked the cleanliness & the way things are managed! You are much better than others. Just keep up the good work!

Sudarshan Bhusa - January 2019

I liked the ambience & staff ,excellent working culture ! Staff unity to work in cooperation & help each other in busy schedule. I am happy with services!

Shailesh Sawant - January 2019

Wonderful & courteous staff. Very positive doctors! Hospital like Lilavati is really outstanding & excellent in all respect!

Devendra Pande - January 2019

Stay was pleasant. Top class hygiene and cleanliness. Doctor was excellent. Nursing staff was really very good!

Johna Somomon - January 2019

The professionalism and courtesy shown towards the customer was worth praising. Hygiene is excellent!

Vivaan Hasgekar - January 2019

I liked the care of the doctors and nurses. They all have human and caring attitude!

Philip Thomas - January 2019

High class service with latest technology machines. Very clean hospital with co-operative staff. Also Good doctors Team

Vinay Solanki - January 2019

Lilavati Hospital is very organised and has all the facilities that a patient would need. The doctors & the nursing staff and others are very positive & caring!

Harkishan Mrabhaker - January 2019

Good, excellent attitude, cooperative, excellent work, boding with the doctor & patient & relatives

Manharlal Shah - January 2019

Infrastructure is beautiful; doctors & staff are excellent, strictness & hygiene- excellent! Smiling faces of Nursing staff!

Vinod Bhansali - January 2019

Felt very homely and respected by the courteous staff, along with advanced upto date technology

Anne Anthony - December 2018

The behaviour of staff was very generous and helpful. I will recommend this hospital to my friends and family.

Chintan Thakkar - December 2018

Quality treatment well equipped hospital with lifesaving Equipment. We like transparency of doctors!

Madhusudan Seth - December 2018

Everyone is so friendly! Very calm atmosphere and the hospital itself is so clean and shiny. It has been the best hospital I have been to in my life!

Divakar Thammishetty - December 2018

We like the most : Good management,  Polite staff,  step by step process, clarity in treatment,  Facility for Relatives of the patient.

Meena Pokharna - December 2018

From Admission till Discharge, each and every one was courteous and very professional!

Abhishek Paradkar - December 2018

Nursing care is the best part of the hospital. Nurses are the pillar of this hospital. Excellent work done by them!

Ramila Jain - December 2018

A very good hospital - there is transparency in work, cost etc.

Shyama Choudhary - December 2018

The courteous behaviour of each staff member, found your staff have created a very beautiful environment which very unlikely in a hospital, smiles ,humility brings lot of positive vibes in this hospital I don’t find in any other corporate hospital chain!

Yash Parashar - November 2018

Good doctors, Good staff, Good care taken of the patient.

Mr Pawar - November 2018

The clarity & explanation of OPD staff & Doctors is very good

Mr Sen - November 2018

Very friendly and courteous professional staff. Always ready for action when in need / emergency!

Erika Crasto - November 2018

I liked the atmosphere of caring and friendliness that executes from doctors, nurses & other staff!

Dr Jaime Rangel - November 2018

Proximity to home, Professionalism of the staff, Excellent ICU facilities!

Rochard Stedman - November 2018

Doctors, Nurses & all staff in the hospital are helpful & efficient in their work. Doctor explains everything till we understand the issues

Dilip Gandhi - November 2018

I feel so much comfortable.. positive vibes & energy helped me to recover fast!

D Thakkar - November 2018

All doctors are phenomenal, staff was very supportive and most of the Doctors who came for check-ups were superb! Everything was very clean, safe & hygienic!

Aaradhya Gupta - November 2018

We liked the caring & humanitarian attitude of all staff & team work in all their efforts

Prem Prakash Jain - November 2018

Team of loving people, courteous doctor’s team and the coordination with staff was excellent! Lilavati hospital has a brand image!

Vinayak Naik - November 2018

The hospital is quite spacious,clean and organised.Doctors are very courteous and efficient.Overall a patient gets a nice experience here.

Dr pranali puradkar - October 2018

Heard latest on technology. Dr excellent. However Opd charges are expensive for middle class. One of the best in Mumbai. Scope for moving towards excellence.

Martin - October 2018

I feel good treatment is given here all staff are good doctors give very good treatment

Riddhi panvelkar - October 2018

The way patient are treated by the staff of hospital is amazing,. Feeling like a home

Vaibhavi - October 2018

The doctors and staffs were very co-operative and helpful.Good infrastructure.

Piyusha Kumari - October 2018

Overall experience was awesome. A smile on the faces by you made a big indifference. Thank you.

Eliot Chaves - October 2018

Comfort level with staff & cooperation is excellent. Equipments are impressive. Must talk about cleanliness and hygenic environment . Comfort level with staff.Hygenic enviornment. Equipments and new tchnology impressive

Seema Mishra - October 2018

It was nice experience. And most memorable check up with staff team support. Thanks once again.

Hiren Patel - October 2018

Hospital is neat and clean . Staff was very caring in health checkup dept. Guiding the patient very professional manner thus avoiding inconvenience to patient.

Bhupendra Dasila - October 2018

Courteous behaviour of all. The speed & courteousy exhibited by all staff and efficient conduct of all procedures.

Rekha Kodkani - October 2018

The concerned person were taking us to each ward....very good experience due to which I took the appointment from Assam...and also travelled from Dombivali early morning...overall very good service.....thanks for committment.....

Vivek Jhiney - October 2018

Organised way of calling patients for each test . Excellent staff. Prompt reports

Rumen Barjatya - October 2018

A very well coordinated and systematic setup alongwith a dedicated, capable and courteous team!

Vivek Bhalla - October 2018

You would never get this service from such excellent staff elsewhere. Excellent service all around from lift assistance to all Docotrs! Thank you!

Shamreetha Maharaj - October 2018

Staff & Nursing are very good & helful. Doctors are the best here…

Ashish Shukla - October 2018

All the working Nursing staff & Doctors are very co operative & are of helpful nature. Keep it up! Always keep it up for higher gradation…

Bhumika Radia - October 2018

A very helpful & caring nursing staff, making a big difference to patient care!

Padma Bherwani - October 2018

I like everything from beginning to till discharge. Lilavati Hospital is very good organised Hospital. All doctors & staff are excellent!

Shreedhar Surve - October 2018

We like the Promptness & diligence of staff! Excellent Hospital, very good service at any hour of the day!

Parijat Gaur - October 2018

The doctors & entire staff taking caring of patients are good. We are fully satisfied and Thankful to entire Hospital staff specially Stroke Unit staff!

Rejina Bandia - October 2018

Well organized and structured way in which test were conducted was excellent. Staff was well behaved and knowledgeable.

Neha Netrey Powdwal - September 2018

Hospitality and personal touch of each individual. Excellent team spirit and of course the smile on the face of all staff and attending team. Keep it up!

Gopal krishna Daruka - September 2018

Good medical treatment friendly doctor and staff with good hygiene of hospital.

Dr. Ravindra - September 2018

I liked Staff ,quick response time,very professional behaviour with the patients and the family members.

Bharti jadhav - September 2018

The Lilavati Hospital meets all the criteria of a good Healthcare setup and they justify their slogan i.e More than Health care..Human care!

Bharat Taneja - September 2018

The staff was very supportive and the services were very favourable towards individual

Mayank Nagpal - September 2018

Overall ambience, cleanliness & hygeine are good. Expert doctors & caring staff!

Amol Wagh - September 2018

Nurses & other staff are very helpful & friendly. They do their job very professionally!

Pravin Raisoni - September 2018

Positive environment & good infrastructure. Kind in service & care!

Yashwant Pawar - August 2018

The courtesy, professionalism and care provided by the entire staff. Special thanks of Nursing staff for being so caring!

Saurabh - August 2018

Cleanliness and hygiene maintained properly. Also doctors and nurses take good care of patients.

Megha Shirke - August 2018

I like the way staff treat patient like their own family and with loads of love & patience !

Nancy Quadros - August 2018

Caring & cheerful nursing staff in ICU. Promptness & efficiency of medical personnel

P S Viswanathan - August 2018

Staff are very co-operative helpful and understanding, hygiene is very well maintained. They not only care about the patient but also about the Patient attendant.

Najma Shaikh - August 2018

I like Lilavati Hospital doctors, Nursing staff, diagnostics, food services, housekeeping, security, Billing dept, discharge process and the overall staff. Nothing is least here it's par excellence. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to other family members and friend circle.

Martha Lobo - August 2018

I like Doctors, facilities & technology available in Hospital! Lilavati Hospital is the best Hospital in Mumbai! It is the life line of people.

Indira Banswal - August 2018

I like fast treatment given by doctors, caring nurses & hard working staff. Everything is excellent!

Bhavna Naik - August 2018

All staff are Fabulous .. excellent experience! Excellent service and experienced staff. Well done! Keep it up!

Pareswar Panda - August 2018

The comfort and cosy feeling like our home environment. Doctors are skilful and talented!

Hema Talati - August 2018

Positive environment & good infrastructure. Kind in service & care!

Yashwant Pawar - July 2018

The courtesy, professionalism and care provided by the entire staff. Special thanks of Nursing staff for being so caring!

Saurabh - July 2018

Cleanliness and hygiene maintained properly. Also doctors and nurses take good care of patients.

Megha Shirke - July 2018

I like the way staff treat patient like their own family and with loads of love & patience !

Nancy Quadros - July 2018

Caring & cheerful nursing staff in ICU. Promptness & efficiency of medical personnel

P S Viswanathan - July 2018

Staff are very co-operative helpful and understanding, hygiene is very well maintained. They not only care about the patient but also about the Patient attendant.

Najma Shaikh - July 2018

I like Lilavati Hospital doctors, Nursing staff, diagnostics, food services, housekeeping, security, Billing dept, discharge process and the overall staff. Nothing is least here it's par excellence. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to other family members and friend circle.

Martha Lobo - July 2018

I like Doctors, facilities & technology available in Hospital! Lilavati Hospital is the best Hospital in Mumbai! It is the life line of people.

Indira Banswal - July 2018

I like fast treatment given by doctors, caring nurses & hard working staff. Everything is excellent!

Bhavna Naik - July 2018

All staff are Fabulous .. excellent experience! Excellent service and experienced staff. Well done! Keep it up!

Pareswar Panda - July 2018

The comfort and cosy feeling like our home environment. Doctors are skilful and talented!

Hema Talati - July 2018

The entire team of Doctors, nurses and wardboys/girls are well trained. There is always a smile on their faces.

Anupkumar Jayakar - June 2018

Lilavati Hospital is very best Hospital in India. Everthing is outstanding!

Ranjeet Patel - June 2018

The medical staff especially qualified doctors & asst doctors who keep cheking on the process. Even the nursing staff. Excellent!

Satyajit Vetoskar - June 2018

Courtesy & promptness of your nursing & other staff, Hospitality staff is very excellent and caring. They all taken care of me like mother.

Veena Jalandhara - June 2018

Overall the personal attention given by each & every member from doctors to s ecurity is good. Nursing staff took good care of patient!

Ramdas Prabhu - June 2018

Everyone is very polite that I came across. Staff courtesy is good and prompt.

Godfrey Rasquinha - June 2018

Excellent Service, Expert Doctors Excellent Nursing staff, cooperation by all staff Excellent Hygiene Excellent Facility.

Swarali Rathod - June 2018

Clean, sanitized hospital! Organised processes, Location Good Communication. It’s a good hospital!

Vinayak Vyas - June 2018

It is patient friendly Hospital and approach of staff is very caring. Unwarranted test are never prescribed!

Shekhar Singh - June 2018

Behaviour of staff & doctor is good! Excellent knowdedge & very co-operative.

Sachin Yewale - June 2018

By God grace everything was excellent, keep up the good work & all the best in your endevour to scale further in excellence.

Nadeem Khan - May 2018

I like caring doctors and nurses. Very kind gentle & taking good care of me.

H Kshetry - May 2018

I am happy with the professionalism as well as concern among staff. All are very impeccable & so worth appreciating!

Rohini Mirajkar - May 2018

I like Care and guidance provided. Great support given Pre and Post surgery. Staff are very friendly!

Jaidev Salvi - May 2018

Immediate diagnosis and management create better relationship between patient & Doctor!

Narbahadur Sonar - May 2018

I like the way nurses and staff takes care. Courtesy, politeness, soft spoken attitude and friendly care from everyone!. Awesome service!

Sharmila Khan - May 2018

Coming to Lilavati Hopsital is like my second home! We will never forget the kind service and affection received by everyone in this hopsital! May god bless all of you!

Suchita Dangui -May 2018

The way CCS & other support staff members organises their meticulous & seamless planning & their execution of all tests & procedure for several patients on a day like today with good numbers is really laudable and highly appreciable . Keep it up!

T S B Arunkumar - May 2018

Excellent in help & care! Line of treatment is very good and here I like most i.e. the cleanliness and health care. Everything is perfect!

Arun Desale - May 2018

Good and pleasing behaviour! Excellent service! I like Ambience specially!

Poonam Meghrajani - May 2018

100% health assurance and good care! Lilavati Hospital is having senior Doctors.

Ankit Hiwale - May 2018

The attention and care provided by the doctor helped me to live my life better. Also, the staff and hygiene of the hospital is commendable.

Bharati Malviya - May 2018

Excellent service! Co-operative staff! Clarity & Transperacy in Billing!

Mayur Mehta - May 2018

I like the facilities of your hospital. very good staff, nurses and doctors. All are great. Thank you!

Pooja Joshi - May 2018

I Like cleanliness, friendly atmostphere, highly educated Doctors, nursing staff, support staff & all.

Mohandas Changlani - April 2018

Excellent facilities and courteous staff, we feel home environment!

Sparsh Pansare - April 2018

Living by the value of Human Care! Every one treated with a smile- absolutely appreciable!

Sumana Rout - April 2018

All staff including nurses, attendants, Housekeeping staff are very good, given best service. All are having courteous nature!

Sangita Patil - April 2018

Very courteous & dedicated nursing staff, cleanliness, food, Doctors and Medical care was very excellent!

Indra Neelkanta - April 2018

Being my 1st visit, I love the atmostphere and attitude of the staff. The staff is helpful and the hospital premises is also great!

Prathmesh Patil - April 2018

The doctors are good. Care & attention given by the doctor is good.

Husna Shaikh - April 2018

Clean chemist right here, Gives lovely paper bags, Good doctors, have always healed my health issues!

Anjali Ahuja - April 2018

Good and qualified doctors. Courteous and well behaved hospital staff!

Royal Pegado - April 2018

Staff are very helping and cooperative, has patience with lot of compassion and welcome with smile!

Geeta Gadkari - April 2018

Prompt & quick response for Health Check- Up, streamlined Health Check Up procedure in short time.

Sonali Jadhao - April 2018

The CCS are extremely courteous and prompt, full marks to them!

Jyoti Kore - April 2018

The Staff is co-operative. They are very generous with their patients and also caring!

Soni Lalchandani - April 2018

The sisters attending Tulip were very supportive & loving. Tulip was comfortable!. Prompt service in terms of treatment & very clean. Good doctors. You are already TOP. Keep it up!

Tulip Pacheco - March 2018

Team work in this hospital is superb! Very disciplinary! Cleanliness is good, Staff is very friendly. Food is also very good

Jainam Sanghavi - March 2018

Cleanliness, ,lovely nurses, helping male orderly. Entire staff has a very good way of approach, make you feel at home!

Aditya Fernandes - March 2018

Always ready to help, courteous staff, with a smiling face… which helps the patient to get well soon!

Kapila Mehta - March 2018

The promptness of staff & doctors, the clarity provided over treatment by the doctors is very good!

B Venugopal Pai - March 2018

Best location with cleanliness, expert services with helping attitude!

Nagesh Pinge - March 2018

Hospitality, friendly nature, vary caring staff. All services provided were excellent, Thank you..!

Christopher Rodrigues - March 2018

Very warm, friendly & courteous service by your staff. Thank you, keep it up!

Sekhar K R - March 2018

Good & hygienic environment, courteous & knowledgeable doctors & staff.

Rocky Oberoi (ONGC) - March 2018

The service provided by the staff at all levels are excellent even their co-operation is also excellent!

Radha Iyer (JSW) - March 2018

Lilavati Hospital is a very good Hospital, taking care of its patients at the utmost & personal like family member. Keep it up!

Christopher Kercketta - March 2018

Your Nursing & other staff were exceptionally well behaved, lots of caring & empathy. Ambience very pleasant!

Arun Kulkarni - Feb 2018

Truly stand by their motto ' More than healthcare, human care'. You are already doing your best in all possible ways!

Dr Chetan Desai - Feb 2018

I was in excellent hands. Doctors were friendly and caring!

Prakash karnik - Feb 2018

Professionalism, helpfulness and courteous behaviour of staff,promptness in service is excellent

Nilesh Borgharkar - Feb 2018

Diagnosis & treatment of doctors, services rendered by nursing staff, cleanliness and promptness are excellent. Hospital is excellent in all aspect. In short it is upto the expectations of patients.

Rajni Girje - Feb 2018

Care taken of the patients along with treatment , nursing staff & Housekeeping staff are very efficient & diligent facilities & there is Human touch

Anil Maheshwari - Feb 2018

We liked care provided by the doctors and nursing staff. Keep up the good work and serivce standards and keep including the patients in decisions.

Anuradha Shah - Feb 2018

Lilavati hospital is the best hospital ,treating patients with care and living. We are thankful for curing our patient. Good treatment, good staff and security, cafeteria-everything is suparb!

Prabhakar Paudwal - Feb 2018

No words for expression, Excellent no. of time! HCU staff are outstanding, no waiting time during the check-up!

Ramesh Bhambwari - Feb 2018

Everything best! From Top to bottom!

Reema Raykar-Jan 2018

Security & caring of patients, nurses are very good to Communication. Good care and proper treatment of patients.

Rahmati Begum-Jan 2018

Lilavati Hospital is good not only in healthcare but in Human care also.

Rutuja Jadhav-Jan 2018

The service of the staff with smile. The cleanliness of the premise also made us feel good!

Saumil Bhagat-Jan 2018

Best Doctor Team, staff, security and cleanliness everything is best. You are one of the best hosptial in Mumbai. Keep it up!

Jayashree Pandya-Jan 2018

All the doctors & paramedical staff have fabulous contribution in the wellbeing of the patient. Keep it up!

Mohan Sawant-Jan 2018

According to me, I find Lilavati Hospital as one of the genuinely most brand loyal Hospital. Moreover its very convenient for me.

Alisha Sharma-Jan 2018

Smiling faces and cooperation of the staff. Excellent counselling by the Doctors.

Rakesh Mishra-Dec 2017

You are doing a great job. It will be impossible to make better of this best.

Rahul Thakkur-Dec 2017

Lilavati Hospital is the best & I have full faith on your doctors. One thing is very important that all your staff wear a lovely smile by which sick feels good!

Farshid Khambatta-Dec 2017

Professionalism, promptness, manners, cleanliness and above all respect the show. Perfection is what I would call this Hospital!

V. Neelkantam Iyyer-Dec 2017

The service of the hospital was outstanding. Everything was upto the mark. Everyone was Helpful. Thanks everyone!

Shera Correia-Dec 2017

To meet over immediate need. The Lilavati Hospital is always ready as like our home. We feel that we are one of the family member of the hospital.

Nishita Naik-Dec 2017

It’s a beautiful system. Every part functions like doctors, nurses, security everything performs well.

Nirmala Shelke-Dec 2017

I had a nice experience undergoing my health checkup. The staff guided me quite well. The Healthcheck up packages are awesome. Its my first time & I feel its worth. Thank you!

Jennifer Saldanha-Dec 2017

I would like to thank all the staff who have made this journey a really comfortable & stress free!

Roshan Deboo-Dec 2017

Lilavati Hospital- The name which is trusted, they keep people healthy. Keep it up!

A Louis Fernandes-Dec2017

Excellent service provided by all staff, who made my stay at the hospital very comfortable!

Mary Dsouza - Nov 2017

Excellent treatment, one of the best hospital in India!

Bhaboota Garg - Nov 2017

Extremely confident & professional medical staff, equally courteous & caring staff!

Sujata Ravindran - Nov 2017

The doctors & staff were very cooperative and genuine. There was clarity in every procedure. Everthing is perfect!

Chandrashekhar Bawankule - Nov 2017

Excellent interior, very helpful staff. Nurses, hoousekeeping doctors etc. cheerful faces makes us feel happy!

Meena Ruparel - Nov 2017

Very responsive and courteous staff. I have been coming here since 1999 when they took excellent care of my mother who was a cancer patient

Anupama Ahluwalia - Nov 2017

The staff and the doctor both are courteous and good, very helpful and co-operative.

Malti Rai - Nov 2017

I have good experience in visiting the hospital. The staff were found to be very cordial from registration/billing to Lab test etc.

G K Tamta - Nov 2017

I am quite satisfied with my overall experience, thank you for being good in your field!

Nazrana - Nov 2017

I have been coming here for 10 years now. You have really improved and the team is very efficient

Harish Dayani - Nov 2017

I like every thing about Lilavati Hospital. Their breakfast / lunch arrangement, facility & at reception the staff were very friendly & cooperative with me.

Ravindra Japatriwar - Nov 2017

Excellent services provided by all.Keep the same service going on. Because when we serve people we serve God!

Pushpalata Mashare - Oct 2017

Its unique way of treating the patient with care & love. Just keep growing & give us more & better services.

Neil Bohra - Oct 2017

Doctors & Nurses care the best, excellent services by team of doctors to recover fast.

Sunita Verlekar - Oct 2017

Being doctor myself, I emphasis on patient care at the top. Everything else is secondary. At Lilavati Hospital I found my doctors to have the same attitude.

Dr Madhusudan D - Oct 2017

The courteous conduct of each & every staff member from Top to Bottom. Most dedicated staff and the best hospital I have ever seen! Maintain it and serve the patient best. People will ever bless your staff & management. I will strongly recommend other patients to Lilavati Hospital!

Gajanan Chavan - Oct 2017

I like the friendly behaviour of the staff and the constant smile on the faces of each and every staff with helpful nature.

Shivam kanojia - Oct 2017

My experience has been very good. The staff and doctors are polite and made me feel comfortable.

Lasypriya Sundaran - Oct 2017

Overall service by the staff is very good. They provided all the service very nicely, very helpful staff!

Dr Prachi Chaudhari - Oct 2017

I can easily trust this hospital compared to other in the city, this is one of the best hospital who considers their patients.

Mahesh Agrawal - Oct 2017

The behaviour of CCS was excellent and duration of each tests were upto the mark.

Vipul Jha - Oct 2017

Very fast service, feeling like family and very good behaviour of all your staff.

Deepali Shinde - Oct 2017

Number of patients coming over to Lilavati Hospital must be large but the smoothness of handling them is excellent!

Dilip Jogelkar - Oct 2017

Everything is better, no waiting for healthcheckup tests, flow is very smooth. Keep it up! & all the best!

Prasad Patkar - Sep 2017

Just like your Hospital Motto, it deserves same " More than Health care, Human care"

Gajendra Landhe - Sep 2017

The doctors & Nursing staff of the hospital were excellent! Very co-operative Nursing staff!

Anand Garg - Sep 2017

All Nurses attending to my son were Great! Please keep up the good work!

Atharva Nagre - Sep 2017

Doctors are excellent- that is known, but the Nurses, Support Staff are just equally excellent!

Shailaja Gopinath - Sep 2017

The medical staff, Nursing staff, Admin & Support staff.. all people are a key factor which brings us here!

Amee David - Sep 2017

The Hospitality and the services offered are excellent. The nursing staff is also very supportive and co-operative.

Rajesh Wani - Sep 2017

Our family will always be thankful to the doctors and the staff of Lilavati Hospital. We are thankful to all of them for the support and care they have given. We looked up to them for all we wished. Thank you!

Chaitra Shirodkar - August 2017

Your all staff and nurses are real angels. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Kusum Lata sethi - August 2017

Excellent Courtesy of staff and Nurses and the ambience does not feel like hospital!

Atul Gupte - August 2017

100% caring! Patient is in right hospital with right doctors & nurses. Line of treatment is too good!

Urmila Chellaney - August 2017

The dedication of all staff members towards their work and patients have mesmerised me. Very good! Everything is excellent and outstanding! Just keep your standard & quality up to the mark and serve people the best out of you!

Anjali Gupta - August 2017

Systematic & advanced facilities available under one roof!

Chetan Kanakia - August 2017

Very courteous, professional & efficient staff. Excellent & streamlined service! Thank You!

Seema Praveena - August 2017

Good Customer care services & skilled staff at the hospital. Very helpful staff!

Josoph Rui Vas - July 2017

I like the environment and all the doctors and staff are very friendly, You have excellent services and good people in the hospital.

Jayashree Pattani - July 2017

Hospital is very clean, all doctors are good, also staff is very responsible!

Hansaben Patel - July 2017

Friendliness of the staff & nurses, knowledgeable doctors & good environment!

Bhavesh Vora - July 2017

The SEWA dept of Lilavati hospital is very good. People like us who cant afford Doctors fees, they also can enter in such a big & renowned Hospital!

Manilal Vora - July 2017

The doctors and the staff working here are very co-operative and provide excellent services to the patient

Prachi Chudji - July 2017

The treatment given to my father helped him to get quick relief. Your staff & doctors gives us courage & faith that our patient is in good hands!

Abdul Khan - July 2017

We were very impressed with management of Lilavati hospital. They have latest medical equipment and the Nursing services are excellent!

Shobha Gaikwad - July 2017

Humanity of staff is really your strength. Hygiene, cleanliness & prompt service…

Dipawali Patil - July 2017

Excellent care by all the doctors, nurses and support staff! Thank you…

K L Mansukhani - July 2017

More than Health Care, Human care. Specially care taken by Nurses is appreciated.

Megha Worlikar - June 2017

The staff has been helpful and provided good support during the time spent here

Manisha Relekar - June 2017

The services provided is excellent. The doctors make accurate decisions. It feels like Home to me. Everything is perfect.

Abdul Rashid Khan - June 2017

Very helpful and courteous staff, very delicious jain food. Everything about the hospital is excellent!

Miten Doshi - June 2017

It provides good health care services, doctors, nurses and other staff are very co-operative.

Simran Kaur Nathani - June 2017

Everyone was very polite and very helpful. The staff is always smiling which makes you feel comfortable!

Sarpatani Sen - June 2017

The entire staff is very helpful and kind. Appreciative staff and Customer Care Supervisors. Keep up the good work! All the best!

Vishal Arora - June 2017

Support from Customer Care Supervisors was excellent, Excellent quality of food and Housekeeping!

Neeraj Arte - June 2017

Super awesome experience for a person like me who never visited any hospital in life.

  • Explaining in layman's term
  • Multiple level of governance to ensure patient's health
  • Nurses & doctors are very approachable
  • Timely response & smile on everyone's face

Anish Pal - May 2017

The nurses were very pleasing & ready to help anytime of the day & night! Even physiotherapist were very cooperative!

Yogendranath Sharma - May 2017

Behavior of doctors, pathology staff is good, cleanliness is excellent!

Virendra Jain - May 2017

Extremely professional and qualified doctors & staff ! Very polite and helpful with lots of patience!

Vishwas Soman - May 2017

Discipline, sincerity and humbleness which makes a brand "Lilavati"!

Bhushan Patil - May 2017

Very good staff, very polite and friendly atmosphere. Going as happy patient!

Vani Sankeshwar - May 2017

Nursing staff is very friendly & Nursing care is very good. Overall experience is good!

Kanta Gupta - May 2017

The hospitality and the cure assured by the doctors. And of course the friendly environment of the doctors and the excellent treatment by them. What more patient will need?

Nayanika - May 2017

Overall cordial, prompt & courteous service! Excellent ! Keep it up !

Arun Palekar - May 2017

Doctors, staff, treatment… everything is good. Keep it up!

M S Premji - April 2017

A Good experience and quality of hospital, cleanliness and hygiene!

Shruti Negi - April 2017

Best Treatment..

Paid attention to the patients…

excellent result of treatment taken ..

Cleanliness.. Good atmosphere..

I am happy with this hospital!

Manoj Avtegar - April 2017

Overall Very good experience. Keep up the good work, doctors, support staff and Nurses were all very supportive, helpful and concerned.

Tamanna - April 2017

All staff of the hospital is very good. Especially the cleanliness and discipline.

Abdul Momin - April 2017

Confidence in expertise Available! Strong belief in getting best treatment!

Shahnawaz - April 2017

Dr Hemant Mehta & his team has done very excellent job. Very accurate diagnosis and very big surgery done by his team. Thanks to Dr Hemant Pathak. All done a good job. Unbelievable for me…that I got second & new life. Thanks to Lilavati Staff and founder trust for giving 100% service to the mankind. Keep it up!

Gautam Mehta - April 2017

Care in the hospital was awesome, services are good. Cleanliness is well maintained. Nurses are very well prepared for the patients

Sohail Khan - April 2017

Doctors are very good, experienced & co-operative and best in their performance.Nurses are very co operative and having excellent knowledge. Everything is good !

Shahmohammad Khan - April 2017

Nursing staff was very helpful and visiting doctors were also very kind. Surgeon was the best

Virendrapratap Singh - April 2017

Caring & polite staff, nurses, doctors, security, housekeeping..everyone serves with a smile..

Prathamesh Chaubal - April 2017

Expert Doctors, Clear diagnosis from the doctors. Seamless integration between various experts. Friendly Staff, professionally run Hospital!

Nilambari Salian - April 2017

Dear Dr. Babu,

I am your patient Vanamala Sardeshpande's brother, who accompanied her during her physical therapy visits to you.

As a result of your prescription of some suitable home exercises for her, there was a quick, remarkable reduction in the acute pains she had been experiencing before her first visit to you.

Competence is the first characteristic which is needed in a professional in any field. Thatcharacteristic is obviously much more needed in a professional in the medical field.

Caring mindset concerning their patients is another equally important characteristic which is highly desirable in medical service providers.

Besides your high competence, your thoroughly caring mindset impressed me immensely. I am very happy about the good fortune of those who received physical therapy from you in the past, are currently receiving it, and will be receiving it in the decades ahead. You are an asset to Lilavati Hospital.

Chakrapani Jambotkar - March 2017

Professionalism and personal attention provided by staff. Well demonstrated skill in interaction & guidance to patients!

Parag Kulkarni - March 2017

Good behaviour of staff. Excellent guidance, Timely completion. Overall excellent!

G Ganeshan - March 2017

Dedication of the doctors & staff, cleanliness maintained all the time. Keep up the excellent work!

Soleha Patel - March 2017

Doctors are excellent. Even the treatment and overall ambience of the hospital is so good that patient recovers as early as posible.

Sangita Khemka - March 2017

Attention by Doctors, behaviour of all staff, cleanliness & overall service provided by the hospital is very good, so Just keep it up!

Pundllik Kakad - March 2017

I like the friendliness and eagerness to serve be it the nurses, room services or housekeeping!

Geetha Menon - March 2017

Hospital is clean, neat & efficient in all ways and. It has patient friendly atmosphere!

Smayan Sheopuri - March 2017

Correct line of treatment, Good doctors, caring staff, cleanliness, overall everything was great!

Rajendra Kadu - March 2017

Kindness & courtesy of all nurses staff & also proper guidance from Doctors!

Rajani Yadav - March 2017

Good Service from doctors, nurses and other staff are outstanding! Please keep the same spirit of work!

Musa Abdulla Mamtule - March 2017

All kind of Medical facilities are under one roof and all Staff are supportive and helpful.

Sunita Shetkar - March 2017

Overall service and moral support is excellent! Staff is very supportive and Doctors expertise is very good.

Venkatray Nadkarni - March 2017

Lilavati Hospitl is best in every aspect. All the best! Thanks !!!

Saksham Agarwal - March 2017

I liked the expertise of doctors & correct treatment. I would like Lilavati Hospital to expand their Services by building another Hospital in nearby area so that it can serve larger population!

Gajendra Sinha - March 2017

We would like to thank Dr. Afshan Shaikh,Dr. Nisha Nandu,Dr. Shruti Bhat for contributing to the wonderful care to our father.

During his 28 day stay at the hospital, my father struggled with Cellulitis and Pneumonia. As NRI’s living in the US, we found the care to be world class. We all got the feeling that each of the therapists were taking care of our father as if the patient were their own father. We were so impressed by the dedication, professionalism and sincerity that each therapist displayed during his stay. Our father credits his multiple daily therapy sessions to his recovery. He was particularly impressed and looked forward to his daily visits from Dr. Shaikh. Her hard work and positive suggestion made him believe that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Words can’t describe our gratitude towards the Physiotherapy team at Lilavati. Thanks again.

Dr.Subhash Jain - March 2017

Excellent service. Lilavati hospital is a symbol of "Care of Health"

Jayant Nair - Feb 2017

The Information desk on 2nd floor is a good example of customer service / patient satisfaction.

Amol Salkar - Feb 2017

Young, dynamic, courteous and forever smiling nurses. Excellent service! Please continue to serve humanity in this wonderful manner!

Clarrence Fernandes - Feb 2017

I am so grateful to God for leading me to McKenzie specialist Dr. Heena Garude at Lilavati Hospital. Her diagnosis of my back problem, “Ipsilateral Shift” and the subsequent exercise routine has made me completely free from pain in 2 months. I had been suffering from this intermittent pain since 2 years, turning excruciating at times that I was unable to sleep in the nights. I had consulted half a dozen doctors before her, and tried physiotherapy, oral medicines from Orthopaedic surgeons, acupuncture and Sujok. Everywhere I was disappointed. But today I am not just free of pain, but armed with much better postural habits inculcated by Dr. Garude. Well, two years ago when I had bent down to pick up something small, my back had snapped, and hardly did I know that the route to normalcy, and finding the right physician, could be so long. If you give 100 % adherence to Dr. Garude’s prescription, quick results are certainly guaranteed.

Rajan Khosa - Jan 2017

Excellent coordination between the team of doctors. Kudos to management & trustees, who str running such a great hospital in our city and providing great service to humanity.

Hansa Dedhia - Dec 2016

It is a wonderful healthcare centre where the patient feels comfortable & reduced stress with the treatment administered.

Leonilla Dsouza - Dec 2016

Excellent operating facility, excellent staff including doctors, nurses, security etc. Latest equipment used for patient, latest bed system in ICCU. "We are very much sure that once we enter in Lilavati hospital, patient cures in short time".

Krushna Gandhi - Dec 2016

Smiling, caring & hard working team of Doctors, nurses and staff made my stay very comfortable. Thank you...

Sandhya Rajiv - Dec 2016

More than health care, human care, that's the true motto. It was a homely experience. Continue the good work. God bless all those, who have treated my father and saved his life. Thanks to all!

Vasu Penikal - Dec 2016

I have been in long relationship with Lilavati Hospital since my AVR done in May 2000. Dedicated staff and their services are excellent. Keep it up!

Koshy Varughese - Dec 2016

Very excellent in handling the patients and taking care of each & every test!

Abhishk Singh - Dec 2016

Totally loved the service given to me. Time taken for each test was also not too much. Very efficient staff. You guys are doing a very fabulous job. I just loved the services. Keep up the great job. A big thank to all!

Shalini Sawlani - Dec 2016

Overall I had a very good experience of Lilavati Hospital. The most I liked about this hospital is the services, support and cooperation from the staff & doctors

Bopan Dhora - Dec 2016

Atmosphere, helpful nature of doctors & staff makes the patients comfortable

Miraya Maniyar - Dec 2016

Everything from reception, consultation and all...timely responded and well managed services!

Avin Ashok - Nov 2016

Hygiene & cleanliness, behavior of staff. Systematic & well management of Health Check Up. Proper information given.

Gouri Padhi - Nov 2016

Doctors, Staff, Nurses are excellent.. Services provided by all made my stay very good. Just keep up the good work you are doing always for mankind because people really look upon this hospital as one of the best hospital.

Jayashree Shah - Nov 2016

Treatment was up to the mark. Felt very comfortable during my stay. All staff and Nurses are very helpful. Keep it up…

Dominic Falcon - Nov 2016

Hospital Nursing staff and their dedication, excellent! I found Lilavati Hospital as the best hospital. Keep up the good work!

Faiz Sayed - Nov 2016

Excellent in every aspect right from Admission, Diagnosis, Housekeeping upto discharge..Excellent job!

Shlok Dalvi - Nov 2016

The professionalism & the polite behavior, both at the same time really made my experience excellent & comfortable! Keep it up!

Shruti Patel- Shesh - Nov 2016

Excellent doctors, Daycare unit care as well as emergency dept. Good & cooperative staff including Nurses, ward assistants etc.

Surekha Chaubal - Nov 2016

All staff are very courteous and helpful. It was a comfortable and good experience

Anne Pires - Nov 2016

Hospital atmosphere is so kind & good that the patient does not feel any pressure of his personal problem.

Anita Patil - Nov 2016

All staff were very helpful. Keep going like the way. Will surely visit next time too…

Jagruti Bhamwari - Oct 2016

The interaction of the staff was excellent. All were helpful and paid attention to all the guests!

Govind Mandhonia - Oct 2016

Very well managed… overall staff were helpful, courteous and aware of the responsiblities… Excellent front desk support.. Thank you!

Sreshta - Oct 2016

Quick response and great hospitality by the staff. You guys are already excelling in your industry .Keep it up!

Siddhant Lad - Oct 2016

Lilavati has one of the best doctors which helps me keep faith in them and gives me assurance that my mother will recover fast. Good ambience and cleanliness is also maintained!

Radha Azrekar - Oct 2016

Friendliness & ready to help attitude of all concerned including the very senior doctors to the support staff….

Babulal Ghosh - Oct 2016

Friendly & lively atmostphere. The courtesy of staff, amazing care & support of doctors…

Norman Alva - Oct 2016

All the services given is beyond my words. Lilavati staff is already doing a great job!

Vibhush Samarth - Oct 2016

The all round care taken for the patient as well as its relatives. All the staff was excellent and very supportive!

Tanmay Sardesai - Oct 2016

Patient friendly doctors and staff. Nursing staff were excellent & always smiling!

Dr Falgui shah - Oct 2016

Lilavati Hospital's hospitality, care, cleanliness everything has touched us. Great Hospital!. Thanks a lot!... You people were awesome. I felt like being treated at home with utmost care. Your Nursing staff is doing a commendable job…

Kundan Sharma - Oct 2016

Excellent Doctors and sisters! Truly caring and helpful…. was a blessing to have them. Continue with the excellent care and support provided by nursing staff specially for a new born and mother, helped me a lot…..

Neeti Khetan - Oct 2016

I thank the Nursing staff from bottom of my heart because they are really there for you day & night for your help. With a very sweet smile they take care. "THANK YOU SISTERS"

Raja Gupta - Oct 2016

All the hospital staff including doctors are very polite, hospitable and well trained to behave. Overall hygiene and cleanliness of the hospital is excellent !

Vikrant Kelkar - Sep 2016

Professional approach of admin staff. Effectively handled test sequence.

Abhay Shah/ Taru Shah - Sep 2016

Professional doctors, good ambience, excellent breakfast & lunch & courteous staff!

Vijay Rao - Sep 2016

Good, neat and clean environment, courteous staff, well taken care of!

Deepak Mariwalla - Sep 2016

The attending doctors & Nurses were very professional & attentive . Special thanks to the head nurse for making our stay pleasant!

Nagraj Siddavaram - Sep 2016

Very co-operative, supportive and home like feeling, well mannered staff, very helpful staff!

Sumati Patil - Sep 2016

Courtesy and friendliness of the entire team responsible for treatment, giving prime importance to Human Care!

Shambha Chakraborty - Sep 2016

Lilavati staff are the best, especially Nursing staff who had attended me with good guidance of doctors. Kindly maintain the same standard and service to society!

Satpal Jowra - Sep 2016

Good service and staff. The fact that they are cheerful, helpful & taken well Human care. We are fully satisfied on all fronts, be it ward boys, sister or doctors!

Sona Mohapatra - Sep 2016

Very good Nursing care, concern and emphatatic doctors. Food service staff is prompt and courteous.

Natallya Bhasin - Sep 2016

I am happy with overall experience. There is human touch along with care taken of the patient.

Kirti Shah - Sep 2016

Good guidance by the Doctors, Nurses, the Incharges & Team leaders…. Dr Ansari & team are the best!

Rachel Vetticad - Aug 2016

I appreciate the courtesy & friendliness of Nursing staff! Given all the facilities are excellent..Good work done by Lilavati Hospital!

Dinesh Viswakarma - Aug 2016

The Nursing staf at ICCU were excellent, prompt service, very caring & friendly… made my stay peasant!

Sapna Sabnani - Aug 2016

I liked the Cooperative staff their Professionalism, Cleanliness….11th Floor Nurses & all staff very very helpful, smiling, friendly, prompt… keep it up!.. Thanks!

Chhaya Ruparel - Aug 2016

Absolutely Brilliant Nursing care services!

Bhupat Badani - Aug 2016

I loved the care provided by the Nursing and Support staff. They have handheld me through my first few days as a 'New Mother'!

Khushboo Talukdar - Aug 2016

Apala staff khup changla ahe. Mazya patnichi kalaji gharachya mansasarakhi ghetali, tyabaddal mi khup samadhani ahe. Apale ani aplaya staff che manapurvak namrapane abhar manato… dhanyawad!

Suvarna Kamble– July, 2016

Friendly & caring behaviour of nursing staff & doctor. I liked the atmosphere & cleanliness!

Zuriprasad Mourya– July, 2016

Homeliness, professionalism and expertise of staff of all categories. Convenient location. Excellent layout.

Marek Jospeh Chaves – July, 2016

The doctor, nursing staff and the overall experience was good! Dr Saumil Shah… He is just too good… You have very good staff which is so hard working and do their job so seriously. Lilavati staff rocks!! Nurses are the always smiling. They not only give medical support but also emotional.

Narottam Singh – July,2016

Caring staff, discipline and cleanliness! Keep it up always! I am thankful to your Hospital to provide good service ...

Sandeep Nawarkhede – July,2016

I liked the actual implementation of Lilavati Hospital..focus 'More than Health Care, Human Care'… in terms of proactive attitude, responsiveness & professional approach...

Santi Gopal Saha - June 2016

Care and attention given by Nursing staff… specially by Ms Jasmin George. Very much thankful to others as well.. Best of Luck!

Ashlesha Toraskar - June 2016

The liked factor of Human Care at Lilavati Hospital. We simply can rely on Lilavati Hospital for good Human Care!

Vilas Sadvilkar - June 2016

Treats patient as per it's needs and requirement which is why the success rate to save lives is good… Keep it Up!

Sanjeev Verma - June 2016

All things are proper. No point of Complains. Its' More than Healthcare, Human Care'. Truly agree… Very happy with the treatment…

Kashmira Shah - June 2016

Staff is very supportive & helpful. Cleanliness is amazing also the food served at the executive lounge was very tasty

Bhagyashre Pawar - June 2016

Nursing care was really too good. People were nice, sweet, caring and understanding

Veronica Poles - May 2016

It’s the best hospital. Doctors, hospitality and security are excellent.

Farheen Hussain - May 2016

Good hospital, good discipline. Everything is properly done and very systematic.

Atmaram Tahilramani - May 2016

I liked the factor of Human Care. We simply can rely on Lilavati Hospital for good Human Care!!!

Asmita Gharpure - May 2016

I liked the coordination within different departments, courtesy and friendliness of staff and clarity provided about condition of the patient.

Milcah Dabre - May 2016

Very good staff of Lilavati Hospital which cooperates with the patients in need .Cleanliness in hospital and its premises gives fresh feeling.

Shivaji Patil - May 2016

What I liked the most is the doctors professionalism along with politeness, sisters friendliness, cleanliness of hospital & infrastructure

Chandrashekhar Hegade - May 2016

Thank you each one of you for taking care of my girl. She is going home today because of you all. All nurses are second mothers and Dr.Shaikh deserves a pat on the back for sharing so much information about my baby with us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!

Nidhi Singh - April 2016

As we embark on to the journey of parenthood, it is our pleasure to tell you all that you will be an integral part of this journey & will remain in our memory forever. "Thank you" to all the nursing staff & the doctors of NICU for taking such good care of our babies. A special mention of the untiring efforts put in by Dr Shaikh & Dr Manish for ensuring that both our babies are steadily progressing healthwise. Thank you from the bottom of our heart !!

Sujeesha Naidu - April 2016

Doctors are the best. Best care, no waiting, correct guidance, nurses are excellent. Everything is excellent!

Rajkumari Vaswani - April 2016

Utmost care of patients & visitors with support from entry till completion of check up & follow up !

Swapnil Shigvan - April 2016

Very well organised process. Very good customer care staff, quick and timely closure of all tests.

Rajeev Malik - April 2016

Well experienced doctors, good services provided by the staff, quality of food was excellent. Nursing staff- how as a mother takes care & loves her child, similarly they both took my care & extended their love like a mother!

Rashmi Chaphekar - April 2016

Doctors were really very great, All staff really took care of my father. I thank everybody who were involved getting my father back from his pain. Thanks a lot. God bless them all!

Jalinder Ugale - April 2016

Prompt caring, excellent service by all doctors & all staff. Staff was always smiling, ready to explain though my mom . Excellent service & cleanliness.

Nandini Sheth - April 2016

Excellent, efficient nurses & doctors. Adequate privacy and good cleanliness standards. The building itself is good, love the sunlight that comes in . Much more friendly & courteous than any other hospital I have been to.

Mohan Naidu - April 2016

Unprecedently, the nursing staff has been by far outstanding in extending their support & services. They have welcomed every opportunity to help in support of my mother’s recovery. I have gained surmountable respect for their profession where they work tirelessly in support for the patient. Thank you!

Joyce Kamsli - April 2016

Nursing staff is very co-opearative & smily. Excellent services provided and of course cleanliness of room, I did not even feel that I am admitted in hospital. Excellent!!

Anil salvi - April 2016

"Human Care", very very good staff! Overall superb. All the team of hospital always helpful & smiling making overall experience superb!

Malti Mehta - April 2016

The doctors are excellent & the nurses are going beyond the call of the duty to care for the patient!

Norman Alva - March 2016

Well trained Nursing staff, Quick emergency response from your "Code Blue Team, Ability of handling any kind of serious cases by your doctors, especially in pedeatric ward- 10 B!'

Rudhrakshi Siddhaye - March 2016

Very very clean hospital! All front desk staff are very excellent !!!

Rati Limbuwalla - March 2016

Lilavati hospital is one of the most caretaking hospitals in Mumbai. Atmostphere is very care taking.

Laxman Rawat - March 2016

We are happy to be served by you….we offer our gratitude and blessings in all huminity and wish everyone godspeed… Thank you!

Jatin Mehta - March 2016

Excellent treatment & service provided by the doctors & technical staff, prompness in addressing the issues and concern of patients.

Tulasidas Edelli - March 2016

Doctors were very approachable and very caring. The staff was very good. The patient was comfortable with the good care by the nursing staff.

Ruksana Shaikh - March 2016

It is very good hospital in terms of doctors treatment, the nurses are excellent and make efforts to make you feel better! Keep doing what you are doing !!

Anupa Janbandhu - March 2016

The Nursing staff is truly exceptional and Kudos to your team for hiring such professionals who go beyond the call of duty!

Purnima Sharma - March 2016

Hospital is located in very convient place, easily approchabale. Doctors and staff quantity is very good. Overall very good experince!!!

Mr Basant Kumar Kullu - Feb 2016

Everything! The prompness of the staff is all department ws especially refreshing, Doctors were really nice.

Mr Shivam Saxena - Feb 2016

We like the most about Lilavati Hospital is positive vibrations and peaceful surrounding which helps to improve health!!! Your management is very good. Keep it up!!!

Mr Dhiren Shah - Feb 2016

Excellent staff & technicians for delicately handling bed ridden patients!!!

Ms Sneha Shriyan - Feb 2016

When you are admitted in Lilavati Hospital, you feel gurantee that you will get well soon. Everyone attends the patient dedicately, systamatically & precisely. Perfect management skill!!!!

Sameer Satpalkar - Feb 2016

Excellent medical and praramedical facilities & staff. Nursing staff is very component. It was good to responce to the person advised diet need of patinet by dietitian…..

Hario Tiwari - Jan 2016

All the sisters and staff " All the best", God bless all of u, The Great sewa, Dr Hitesh Mehta, Dr Ajit Menon & Team. Thank u for your kindness, unconditional love….

Bhavesh Gandhi - Jan 2016

Human care in addition to Health care of patient, clean enviornment and ambience, excellent sisters, Nurses staff, excellent doctors, good diagnostics.

Jayalaxmi Shankaran - Jan 2016

Polite and humble way of speaking of Securities, lift men, Nursing staff and other supportive staffs!!!

Rajesh Shelke - Jan 2016

Your slogan itself explains everything, 'More than Health care, Human care' it sums up everything!

Harishbhai Kopodi - Jan 2016

1st time experienced PRO system and O liked it the way they took personal attention to see if the tests were sone & the status of the test, Keep up the the good work and "hats off' to your staff be it from small to big all are with smiles…

Rajaram Naik - Jan 2016

Cordial hospitality, great staff everywhere! Continue with the great work, all the best!

Aneeta Walawalkar - Jan 2016

Staff is havin human touch. Each & every staff is very cooperative, suportive. They have gone beyond call on the duty

Smita Gumaste - Jan 2016

Staff are knowledgable, courteous and helpful. The hospital was quite clean, and food was good. Keep up the Good work!

Sheila D char - Jan 2016

Doctors are qualified & focused, Nurses are well informed & dedicated to their work, positive environment prevails everywhere here.

Perwaiz Waris - November 2015

The Hospital really & trully lives up to its motto of Complete Human care & not just Health Care. The extra ordinary attentiveness by the Sr Surgeon, Consultants, Doctors, & Nursing staff was exceptionally good

Jayaraman Vishwanathan - November 2015

As you all say that a your hospital you all strive to provide not just healthcare but also "Human Care" . Request you to continue this ' Good work'

Shivani Agrawal - November 2015

Such a long stay but your absolutely brilliant Nurses and attendants of the 11th floor A wing, feel like a family now. Thank you ssso much my ANGELs`!!

Aarathi Chaudhari - November 2015

The well qualified well experienced doctors being down to earth and the cheerful service by Nursing staff

Srinivasan Santhanagopalan - November 2015

Prompt service and the confidence of doctors In treating the patient in such a critical situation when other doctor denied to do so. Frankly no cause what we have got from this hospital I cant put it on words and I feel I am at a receiving end. Hats off to the entire team, Lilavati!!

Aadi Mehta - November 2015

ICU is excellent service, knowledge of Nurses are above expectations. In ICU even doctors make you feel at home & it is truly Human care

Radhika Kapadia - October 2015

Drs & sisters are really excellent, as a patient I would not like to visit Lilavati bt as good friend, surely come again to meet all well wishers. I pray to GOD for their excellent life.

Samruddhi Lunwal - May 2015

The treatment is awesome. The staff in Lilavati hospital handle the patient with care & gives respect. Due to this reason I like this hospital.

Glen Dabre - May 2015

LH has clean & well maintained rooms, excellent nursing staff, great housekeeping & security, good canteen & experienced doctors & dietitian, Food quality & variety is great.

Gaurav Pasricha - May 2015

Organized way of procedure, Clean & positive ambience, correct guidance & medication by the doctor, personal attention for telephonic reference to other doctor.

Priyanka Krishnan - May 2015

The very very excellent doctors, care & attention (in terms of regular visit & time spent) staff are good, nurse services are best & most full it is guaranteed Hospital.

Kondibhau Dongre - May 2015

Discipline in restricting visits,  calm & quietness in Hospital,  proper cleanliness. Caring for patient and efforts to maintain Hospital' Good image.

Devendra Vyas - May 2015

Reputed when talked about in friends & relatives. Doctors are professional and upto to d mark. Following staff, nurses know there jobs & are diligence.

Jagmohan Datta - May 2015

The Nurses are really the best. They are the true gems of the hospital, always smiling & ready to help instantly.

Suresh Gundaria - May 2015

The care taken by the doctors & the staff is excellent. They really treat patient with love & affection. You are at your best!

Tejinder Singh Mankoo - April 2015

Its cleanliness, highly experience & professional doctors, nurses & staff. Amazing Hospital!!

Natasha Carvello - April 2015

You are doing a great work truly justifies your tagline that you do not only provide healthcare, it is human care at its best! Everyone from all resident doctors to all nurses and attendants on duty on 10th floor for taking extraordinary care & support throughout my stay for me n my baby.

Arpita Jana - April 2015

Good doctors, technicians, 2nd floor reception staff very considerate & helpful. Staff are well behaved.

Vijaya Nair - April 2015

The staff! Lovely caring nurses, nursing aides, excellent cleaning staff, the room space, food services!

Bina Bajaj - April 2015

It is a temple, not a Hospital. It is nice in all facility & positive vibrations!

Jagdip Shah - April 2015

You all are good, my best wishes to all of them! Just keep it making better & better because " Perfection is unachievable"

Bharat Bhushan Kumar - April 2015

Doctors are excellent and friendliness. All staff are excellent & friendly, Very Good experience.

Aarti Vaidya - April 2015

The courteousness of the staff, an excellent facilitator for ONGC patient !!!

Sengupta - February 2015

I love the professionalism and the good doctors. Keep the passion & the good work !!!

Simrita Dhillon - February 2015

Respect & responsibility toward patient. Doctors are very hardworking.!!!

Shrishti Jaiswal - February 2015

God bless the good souls around here!!! For returning the smile on our faces.

Monali Ghag - February 2015

Doctors, nurses & other staff are very friendly and approachable, disciplined in every single way. You people are serving in the best way, thank to all of you for my speedy recovery!

Ritu Banthena - February 2015

Excellent medical expertise, excellent nursing services, superb dedication of all the doctors and staff., Keep it up!

Ganpath Subramaniam - February 2015

Lilavati Hospital is very good and clean, staff is well trained and knowledgeable, appreciate your help!, every dept is doing good job, keep it up!!! Thank u.

Rozy Margaret - February 2015

Excellent doctors and staff service was very good . I made the whole experience as pleasant as possible. Nursing staff is very good!

Rakhee Sharma - February 2015

After admission, promptness of doctors to know the problem of patient for providing the best treatment. Also the friendliness and supporting behavior of nurses which boost the confidence of the patient. Keep it up!

Manju Rai - February 2015

Courtesy, friendliness of staff & professionalism of the doctors who attended me. Good experience, Keep it up!

Capt Sanjay Jhangiani - February 2015

I would like to express gratitude towards the staff in Casualty, Mr Viraj for his patience & promptness & support.

Kishan Gopal Agrawal - February 2015

Quality of doctors, nurses,& staff excellent courteous, polite & very professional- Everything is excellent.

Kavita Joshi - February 2015

Great team of Doctors attended to me during my delivery with atmost care & promptness. Very good service by all the staff, nurses & housekeeping. Very friendly & courteous. 

Diya Jadhav - February 2015

Keep serving us better and better every time we come to you, with new technologies and better treatment equipment!

Ms Shrawani Tawde - November 2014

It is one of the best Hospital, I have visited in my life. You can compare with the Hospital abroad. My complement to the management and excellent staff!

Ms Kusum Cardoza - November 2014

Everything was excellent. It begins with your slogan "More than health care, Human care". This slogan sums up everything. I am unable to find any flows, it is so perfect and organized!

Mr Harishbhai Kapadi - November 2014

Professionalism of the staff, The cleanliness of the hospital and your service made to feel like a home guest rather than just a patient

Mr Geoffery Menezes - November 2014

Great experience ! Clean, pleasant atmosphere, patient friendly staff, The Best hospital in Mumbai. I celebrate Diwali festival here. I feel like home here!

Dr D Y Patil - November 2014

It was wonderful & homely feeling provided by all.Thanks!

Alok Vijay Manakar- Oct 2014

The overall experience at the hospital was satisfactory. Dr Ajit Menon and Dr Vora have been great and gave us all the confidence we needed to go ahead with the surgery. All services provided were to our entire satisfaction and we appreciate the care & attention given.

Kamla Virwani- Oct 2014

warmness in which the doctor and staff take care of patients Plz keep up the good work.

Ashok Patki- Oct 2014

Very professional at the same time, very courteous personnel. Excellent ambience, assurance and best medical treatment.

P K Balasubramanian- Oct 2014

Excellent, helpful, courteous, knowledgeable staff & doctors. "Congrats" keep up the good work & friendly & helpful approach. All worked great as 'TEAM LILAVATI' not as an Individual.

Benno Dsouza- Oct 2014

The entire team of Dr Redkar & the Anesthetists , The caring and comforting sisters of 10th B wing.. I felt like it was my own home and the sisters were my own sisters. Such sisters will help to improve the reputation of Lilavati hospital and make it best!

Omkar Ravindran- Oct 2014

Courtesy and service of all hospital personnel at regular intervals. Everything about my stay was Fantabulous. Thing are just right as they are. Keep it up !!!

Lisa Gomes- Oct 2014

I love the fact that they are very attentive and react quick, if my mother is OK today, its because of you guys.. Thanks a Ton , you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up!

Prashant Dhondi - Oct 2014

The friendly nature of everyone at the hospital actually make the patient recover faster. The food is really fresh and tasty.

Anil Palekar– September 2014

Well planned and organised care. Prompt explanation given by the doctors regarding the care helps to reduce the anxiety in the patient and relatives. Has a very good system of administration without causing any inconvenience to the patient. A special mention to the professionalism and dedicated care of Dr Ram Chaddha and his team.

Mary Ipe – August 2014

The love and care of the nursing staff is par excellence. Always ready to help and extremely professional. A variety of facilities are provided to the patient making them extremely comfortable. Keep up the good work of serving your patient. It is a very noble job. It is truly more than Health Care, Human care.

Nishika Choudhary – August 2014

Consultants are very good, nursing staff are simply great and no where else have I experienced such good nursing care.

Saama Pandit – August 2014

Excellent System, Infrastructure, Security, Doctors & Nursing staff. All nurses attending the patient were excellent and has performed their duties genuinely, professionally and sweetly. They are the backbone of this hospital.

Suhas Joshi – September 2014

The doctors are very helpful and supportive to the patients, hospital is very nice & each and every thing is excellent.

Samina Shaikh – September 2014

Amazing coordination & great team work ofvarious department; skillfull staff. Keep up the wonderful work so that thehospital grows from Strength to strength

Asha Pandit– August 2014

Doctors are very cordial, they explained everything in comprehensive way in layman's language. Nursing staff, housekeeping and Room service staff are well behaved prompt and caring . Keep it up!

Rajashree Karkare- August 2014

My sister is mentally handicapped, but the way EEG dept. and Radiology dept. handled her for the test was appreciable.

Smruti Zaveri- August 2014

I liked the medical service & care of the patient. Patient's all queries has been sorted out and also took care of the diet of the pt.

Sushma Nagargoje- August 2014

Lilavati Hospital is the one of the best world class Hospital approved by NABH. I liked the Doctor and Nursing staff & all other Junior Staff who are well experienced, self-dedicated and carried out my Kidney transplant surgery successfully and made me fit & fine in a short tenure of my stay.

Baby Thomas- August 2014

We had a very good experience,  keep the good work. Hope we don’t need to go to hospital again, but if so then I would like to come again here !

Sandra Irani- August 2014

My patient was critical, but when we admitted him in the Lilavati hospital, he got relief and got cured in very few days, Thanks

Jagdish Bhopi- August 2014

I would like to place on record my appreciation and profound thanks to Dr.Samuel Mathew,Dr.Ajit Menon and Dr.Priyank Mody for the painless Angioplasty they performed on me on 9.7.14. They were extremely skillful in their field. I was very nervous when I was taken to the Cath Lab but the whole team was very encouraging and made me feel very comfortable .Midway through the procedure I remember asking Dr.Mathew how long it would take and he smilingly informed me that it was already done. Thank you Dr.Mathew,Dr.Menon Dr.Mody and all the staff for the special care given.My prayers will always be with you.

LORNA ALVA - July 2014

The most about Lilavati Hospital which I like is the stuff who constantly look and take care of patient.

Srita Shirurkar - July 2014

All Medical facilities are availaible under one roof, treatment by doctors are also very satisfactory along with patietns attendant facility given is very good.

Atul Ajit Kumar Shah - July 2014

Staff & doctors are good in nature. They provide good treatment and behave like a family member.

Diya Sachin Khanvilkar - May 2014

Expert Doctors, Cleanliness & Right Suggestions

Sanjay Umbarkar - May 2014

Best doctors and approach towards the patient. Care & loving nature towards the patient and understanding the patients kin.

Namita Rozario - May 2014

Excellent treatment with lots of patience and care

Prachi Chandra - May 2014

Hospitality, Friendliness & attitude towards patient needs by all the staff (Doctors, Nurses & other support staff)

Donald Pradhan - May 2014

All process of Lilavati hospital are good. Timely decisions and processes help us to save our patient who was in critical condition.

Vinayak gopal Ayare – April 2013

The atmosphere of Lilavati hospital itself makes the patient comfortable; the serenity of the surrounding is outstanding.

Alice Mathew – April 2013

The treatment I received from the hospital was excellent. No discrimination is observed between a rich and poor. I thank Lilavati Trustees, doctors and staff of the hospital.

Vasant Mahadu Kirpan – April 2013

The entire support staff as well as the medical staff is extremely supportive, courteous and clarifies details. The nurses went out of the way to attend in the middle of the night.

Rashmi Pinto – May 2013