Statutory Compliance

Stents available in Lilavati Hospital at Govt. approved rates

Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016-17

Scheme for Poor Patients BPT ACT 1950- 41AA

Organ Transplantation

The legislation called the Transplantation of Human Organ Act (THO) was passed in India in 1994 to streamline organ donation and transplantation activities. Broadly, the act accepted brain death as a form of death and made the sale of organs a punishable offence. With the acceptance of brain death, it became possible to not only undertake kidney transplantations but also start other solid organ transplants like liver, heart, lungs, and pancreas. LHRC activities are in compliance to the THO legislation.

Live related donor Kidney transplants at Lilavati first started in the year 2000 and since that time, LHRC has performed large number of transplants since then and has been a leading centre of choice in this field in the Asian sub-continent with state of art technology and equipment.

The First Cadaver renal transpant was done in 2008; since then 34 cadaver transpant have been sucessful carried out.

Lilavati has recently initiated a formal liver transplant programme for patients having willing and eligible related donors. The hospital is actively listing patients for cadaver liver transplantation.

Biomedical Department

  • Yearly Quality Assurance testing for all Xray based systems installed at the hospital
  • AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) Licensing and registration of all xray systems installed at the hospital
  • Radiation workers (technicians and professionals) – TLD badge, Quaterly monitoring.
  • Registration of workers in xray departments (technicians and professionals)
  • Yearly - Lead Apron Quality Assurance testing
  • Calibration validations of medical equipment’s installed in the Blood Bank and Pathology Lab.