Health Check Up Instructions

Appointment & Reporting Time :

  • Health checks are done through prior appointment. Please report at the appointed time given to you at the reception counter of the Health Checkup Department on 2nd Floor.
  • We request you to kindly observe the appointment timings to facilitate the smooth flow of your Health Check. Patient reporting more than an hour late than his/her scheduled appointment time will not be taken.
  • Kindly inform us in case of cancellations or postponements atleast 24hrs in advance.

Fasting & Medication :

  • You are advised to observe minimum 12hrs to maximum 13hrs of fasting and abstinence from alcohol. Hence it is recommended that you do not eat or drink anything after 8pm the previous night. You can only take few sips of water in the morning of the Health Check with your antihypertensive or any other essential drugs except anti-diabetic medication, which should be taken before/with breakfast as per your regular schedule.
  • Inhalers & Oral Bronchodilators for Asthma or Bronchitis should preferably be avoided on the day of the Check up for better Lung Function Test results.

What to bring?

  • Please bring your morning stool and urine samples along with you on the date of the Health Check. You can collect the container from the Health Check Department in advance as per your convenience.
  • In case you are under certain medication and/or are suffering from previous disease, you are advised to bring the previous Medical Records.

Radiological Tests :

  • Ultrasonography of Pelvis involves Intra Vaginal Sonography, which is a detailed examination of the Pelvic organs. If you do not wish to undergo the same kindly inform the Health Check executives at the Health Check Reception.
  • Mammography is generally not recommended for women below the age of 35yrs, as they have dense breasts.
  • CT Scan is not recommended for 40 years & below for radiation risk. CT Test requires dye to be injected via IV and it requires normal kidney function. It cannot be performed for patient with Valve Replacement & Pacemarker.
  • Sonomammography will be done only if advised by the Radiologist.
  • Sonography Pelvis for males below 40yrs will be done only if advised by the Radiologist.

Certain Radiological examination involves low dose radiation.

General :

  • We can provide additional tests blood investigations/Procedure/Consultations subject to availability of appointment. These will be billed separately in addition to the package payment.
  • Please wear comfortable attire, footwear and minimum jewellery on the day of the Health Check.
  • For eye check up: Patients should be without contact lens atleast for 24 hrs.
  • The PAP Smear Test for females cannot be done during Menses (Periods).For further details, please contact our Health Check Reception.

Corporate Client :

  • Corporate sponsored clients are requested to bring their referral letter / credit note and employee ID.
In case we are unable to carry out any test/s or consultation because of unforeseen reason/s; the same test/s will be carried out on some other working day as per your convenience but within 10 days of the date of Health check OR proportionate amount will be refunded from the package.
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