Dr. Bhavesh Vajifdar
Department of Cardiology


Dr. Vajifdar has been associated with Lilavati Hospital since 2 years. He has an overall experience of 18 years.

He has done more than 10,000 angiographies & more than 3,000 angioplasties.

His overseas training and assignments include, Fellow and Interventional Cardiologist at 'Amsterdam Department of Interventional Cardiology, OLVG Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands'.

Dr. Vajifdar’s key achievements are, MBBS, MD, DNB Cardiology from the prestigious Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai. He is one of the pioneers to start Transradial Approach to Coronary Interventions in India.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2014 FESC - Fellow of the 'European Society of Cardiology'
  • 2007 FCSI – Fellow of the ‘Cardiological Society of India’
  • 2005 FACC – Fellow of the ‘American College of Cardiology’, USA
  • 2004 FSCAI – Fellow of the ‘Society for Coronary Angiograpy and Interventions’, USA
  • 2002 MNAMS – Member of the ‘National Academy of Medical Sciences’, New Delhi, India

Research Publications

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