Dr. Nilesh N. Goyal
Department of Dermo-Cosmetology Clinc, Hair Transplant


  • Dr.Goyal has been associated with Lilavati Hospital for more than 6 years.
  • He has an overall experience16 years.

Overseas training and assignments:

  • Worked in the UK NHS for 7 years.
  • Experience of working as consultant dermatology in the NHS.
  • Leslie Baumann Fellow in Cosmetic Dermatology at Miami.

Area Of Interest

  • Chronic Hairfall and balding on scalp.
  • Hair Transplant Surgery FUE.
  • Lipobodysculpting – Body shaping by fat extraction.
  • Keloid and hypertrophic scars – triple combination therapy.
  • Scar Treatments with Cosmetic Surgery and Laser therapy.

Awards and Recognition

  • First Dermatologist in India to be trained in Lipobodysculpting.
  • First Dermatologist to have done a Diploma Certificate Course in Cosmetic manufacturing.
  • Trained in management of Skin Cancers with expertise in Skin Surgery.

Research Publications

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