Lilavati Hospital is accredited by Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) for conducting Continues Medical Education. The events are conducted by expert consultants of their specialties to share the knowledge and to have an interactive session with the participants. The key focus of the programme is knowledge sharing which enables the participants to get the recent and latest update on the modern health care developments through such academic programmes. The allocated credit hours are presented to the attendees along with a certificate.

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Sr.Date & MonthTopicDepartment
1 12th Jan, 2019 Changing Trends In Gastrointestinal SurgeryG.I Surgery


Sr.Date & MonthTopicDepartment
1 17th Nov, 2018 Iatrogenic Toxicity in Lungs: Non PharmacologicalChest Medicine
2 03rd Nov, 2018 Current Concepts in Infectious DiseasesInfectious Diseases
3 13th Oct, 2018 Iatrogenic Toxicity in Lungs: PharmacologicalChest Medicine
4 29th Sep, 2018 DNB Pediatrics OSCE 2018Pediatrics
5 29th Jul, 2018 Current Concepts in Intravenous Fluid TherapyCritical Care
6 01st Jul, 2018 CME cum Workshop on learning technology of Pedicle Screws Stabilization Of Spine (Lumbar, Thoracic, Cervical & Sacral)Neurosurgery
7 28th Jun, 2018 ABG, ARF and Electrolytes in PulmonologyChest Medicine
8 24th Jun, 2018 CME cum Workshop from Continous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) to Multiorgan Support Therapy(MOST)Intensive Care
9 27th May, 2018 CME cum workshop on Acute Hypoxaemic Respiratory Failure [AHRF]Critical Care & Chest Medicine
10 18th May, 2018 National Endoscopic Workshop in Spine (NEWS)Spine Surgery
11 02nd May, 2018 Elimination of Mother to Child transmission of HIV and Syphilis by 2020Infectious Diseases
12 29th Apr, 2018 CME cum workshop on Cardiogenic ShockCritical Care & Cardiology
13 15th Apr, 2018 Systemic HypertensionCardiology
14 11th Feb, 2018 Updates on Endovascular InterventionCardiology,Interventional Radiology & Vascular Surgery
15 04th Jan, 2018 Idiopathic Interstitial PneumoniaChest Medicine
16 12th Nov, 2017 Effective Communication Skills and Personality Development: The Essence of Good Medical PracticeAll departments
17 05th Nov, 2017 Effective Communication Skills and Personality Development: The Essence of Good Medical PracticeAll departments
18 25th Oct, 2017 ISCCM - Mumbai Branch, Monthly MeetingCritical Care
19 23th Sep, 2017 Indications and Innovations in Liver TransplantationGastroenterology
20 16th Sep, 2017 Interstitial Lung Diseases,MCG Meet Sept-2017Chest Medicine
21 10th Sep, 2017 Mumbai Hematology Group MeetingPediatrics
22 17th Aug, 2017 Common Abdominal Emergencies Pediatrics & AdultsPediatrics & General Surgery
23 28th Jul, 2017 Chronic Heart Failure - Review of Current ConceptsCardiology
24 03rd Jun, 2017 Bronchial AsthmaChest Medicine
25 27th May, 2017 Stapler WorkshopGastrointestinal Surgery
26 06th May, 2017 Operative Spine ForumOrthopedics
27 07th Apr, 2017 SPINA BIFIDAPediatric Surgery
28 06th Apr, 2017 Pulmonary Function TestChest Medicine
29 29th Mar, 2017 National Polio Surveillance Refresher TrainingPediatrics and Nursing
30 16th Mar, 2017 Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Patients with Chronic Lung DiseasesChest Medicine
31 03rd Mar, 2017 Colostomy CareGeneral Surgery
32 18th Feb, 2017 Pulmonary-Renal SymposiumChest Medicine and Nephrology
33 15th Jan, 2017 Hirschsprung's Diseases UpdatePediatric Surgery
34 04th Jan, 2017 Infectious DiseasesGeneral Medicine
35 28th Dec, 2016 Stapler CampaignGeneral Surgery
36 21th Dec, 2016 Ring out the old ring in the new-NOACSHematology
37 20th Dec, 2016 Current Trends in Paediatrics Part IIIPaediatrics
38 30th Nov, 2016 Pain Management An OverviewPain Management
39 10th Nov, 2016 NCPCC 2016 CRRT & SLED CME & WorkshopPediatrics
40 14th Oct, 2016 Labour AnalgesiaAnesthesiology
41 08th Oct, 2016 Pleural DiseasesChest Medicine
42 28th Sep, 2016 Molecular Imaging in Infection & InflammationNuclear Medicine
43 24th Sep, 2016 Current Trends In Paediactrics - Part IIPaediatric
44 06th Aug, 2016 Current Trends In Paediactrics - Part IPaediatric
45 27th Jul, 2016 Molecular Imaging In OncologyNuclear Medicine
46 14th Jul, 2016 Tuberculosis UpdatesChest Medicine
47 23th Apr, 2016 Pediatric X-Ray ClinicPediatrics
48 16th Apr, 2016 Pediatric NeurologyPediatrics
49 13th Mar, 2016 Learning Technology of Padicle Screw FixationNeurology
50 10th Mar, 2016 NephrologyNephrology
51 13th Feb, 2016 Paediatric SurgeryPaediatric
52 16th Jan, 2016 Paediatric HematologyPaediatric
53 05th Dec, 2015 Paediatric HematologyPaediatric
54 20th Nov, 2015 Pain ManagementPain Management
55 28th Oct, 2015 Paediatric UrologyPaediatric
56 30th Sep, 2015 Hernia UpdatesGeneral Surgery
57 12th Aug, 2015 Recent advances in Knee Replacement and knee surgeryOrthopedic
58 08th Jul, 2015 Whats new in HaematologyHaematology
59 15th Jun, 2015 Plastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery
60 18th Apr, 2015 Paediatric NephrologyPaediatric