List of Tender
Sr. No. Tendor Code Tender Description Type of Tender Tender Date End Date Last Date & Time of Submission Tender Opening Date & Time
1 T0095 (EBUS) Endo Bronchial Ultrasound System / Ultrasonic Bronchofibervideoscope: 1) The System should have latest & advanced technology. It should have Linear/Convex probe based Endo bronchial Ultrasound System comprising of a dedicated EBUS scope/ Bronchofibervideoscope and advanced high definition EBUS Processor providing high resolution endoscopic images with chip on tip camera & enabling performance of real time Endo bronchial ultrasound guided Trans bronchial needle aspiration.(EBUS – TBNA) 2) The system should allow adequate visualization of the endoscopic view and exit of needle while performing EBUS – TBNA. 3) The CCD should be available at the tip for high resolution crystal clear images. 4) The Viewing Direction should be less than 20 degrees forward oblique. 5) The Distal End diameter should have 6.7mm or less. 6) Field of view should be 120 degrees or better. 7) Channel diameter should be 2.2 mm or more. 8) Tip bending range UP Deflection should be equal or more than 120 degrees and Down deflection should be equal or less than 90 degrees. 9) The system should have Ultrasound Processor. Scanning modes :- Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulse wave, B – Mode, Tissue Harmonic and Compound Harmonic Imaging (Optional). 10) The Frequency range of Ultrasound Processor should be 5 -12 MHz or better. 11) The scanning range of Ultrasound should be 65 degree or better. 12) The viewing direction should be straight as possible in order to minimize the need of scope extension during procedure. 13) Working length should be equal or more than 600 mm. 14) Power Supply : 230 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/- 3% 15) The system should allow Picture in Picture (PIP) Imaging. 16) System should be provided with a dedicated HD Video capture & with report generating software. 17) A dedicated Computer system should be provided with i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM,512 SSD and 1 TB Hard Disk. 18) Minimum 26” High definition Medical Grade Color Monitor should be provided. 19) A Trolley should be supplied to mount the entire Stack. 20) UPS for backup of the whole system for at least one hour including Ultrasound Generator, Monitor, Computer, Light Source & Video processor should be provided. Video Bronchoscopy Processor & Light Source: 1) HD Video processor along with Long Life Multi LED Light Source (3 or more LEDs ) equivalent to 300 – watt xenon light with Image enhancement technology. 2) Additional 10 Lamps to be provided in case of Xenon Light Source (300 watt) to equate lamp life of Multi LED light source. 3) Multi HD output : (HD – SDI/DVI/HDMI). 4) All necessary accessories should be the part of standard assembly so as to make the unit fully functional. 5) Mobile trolley should be provided to mount the ultrasound system and dedicated slot for holding the scope. 6) Mouth Bite Guard 2 Nos to be provided. 7) Cleaning brush for working channel 5 Nos should be provided. 8) Balloons for Ultrasound probe : 20 Nos & 20 Biopsy Needles should be provided. 9) Balloon Installation device 1 No should be provided. 10) All essential cables & equipment accessories to make the EBUS unit fully functional. 11) Leakage Tester should be provided. 12) It Should have automatic White Balance. 13) It Should have pre – freeze function to select the clearest still image automatically & noise reduction technology. 14) It Should have high definition for special detection technology with detailed observation by enhancing visibility of blood capillaries & mucosa. The Complete System should be CE Certified along with declaration of conformity or US FDA Approved. The Copy of certificates should be attached. Demonstration of quoted model is compulsory. One Time 29th September 2022 6th October 2022 7th October 2022 03:00 PM 8th October 2022 11:00 AM Apply for Tender
2 T0094 WE HAVE CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM. WE ARE LOOKING A VENDOR TO MAINTAIN THIS. (Non-Comprehensive Maintenance Contract for CCTV Surveillance and Monitoring System.) if you want to site visit contact Mr. Wadekar 9321045619 during working days (Mondya to from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm AMC/CMC/Hire 26th September 2022 3rd October 2022 4th October 2022 04:00 PM 5th October 2022 11:00 AM Apply for Tender